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FAQ overview



How much I can bend OD 1,5 mm and OD 2,0 mm carbon fibre tubes inorder not to break them?

You can bend OD 1,5 mm carbon fibre tube by 150 mm radius and OD 2,0 mm carbon fibre tube by 200 mm radius.

I have problems with my ski poles. Who can I be in contact with?

E-Sports Group Oy is in charge of Exel ski poles now.

Kindly be in contact with:

E-Sports Group Oy

Karaportti 5 02610 Espoo Finland

Tel: +358 (0)9 4242 7500

Mobile: +358 (0)40 455 7878

sales@e-sg.fi <mailto:sales@e-sg.fi>

Thank you.

What is a maximum lenght for a shipment?

Inside European Unioin we can handel maximum lenght of 6 meters in transportation.

But outside European Union maximum lenght is 2,7 meters. This is due to very high transrportation costs for long shipments.

What kind of saw and blade I must use to cut a glass fibre tube?

You can use circular saw with diamond blade for cutting a glass fibre tube.