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This is an easy guide explaining how to use Exel Webstore:

  • How to find products?
  • Different warehouses and how they will affect my shipment?
  • How to choose right forwarder?
  • How to choose right payment method to my order and to get a receipt?
  • Is there a difference between EN, FI and AU stores?
  • Why is it important to register?

There are three different ways to search products and find just the one needed.
The search field, the categories and the search by feature 

1. First option is Search field that enables to look for the product by its name, number or description. Search field uses key words or parts of them to navigate to the product needed. See picture 1 or 2.

Picture 1. Any product including the word: fibreglass in name or description.

Picture 2. Any product number (SKU) starting with 4003437.

2. Second option is Categories; by product features, by segments, by proposed use or outlet.

  • Categories by product features are Composite Tubes and Extension Poles See picture 3.

Picture 3. Product feature categories

These main categories describe the product´s main feature and subcategories usually deepen the product´s feature by giving a secondary feature to select. Like Composite tubes (main) and Fibreglass tubes (secondary). See picture 4.

Picture 4. Composite tubes

  • In category Segments we display products suitable for applications of relevant segment. See picture 5.

Picture 5. Category Segments

  • Category Proposed use. In this category we show you ideas how to use products in different applications. Hopefully it brings you new thoughts. See picture 6.

Picture 6. Proposed use

  • In Category Outlet you will find special offers or batches. See picture 7.


Picture 7. Outlet

Under each category you will find filters to narrow down the product selection by selecting values of different features in shopping options (left bottom side). See picture ->

  1. Third option is Search by feature, which searches for the right product with specific details of it. If you know the use and/or requirements of the product but not the product itself, this is the right option for you. By giving values to 11 different attributes/features on the product, you select the product from our website to list shown below. If we don´t have the product you need available in our website, you can easily send us a message for requesting taking it to our selection. See picture 8.

Picture 8. Search by feature

Exel Composites Store is a global webstore with multiple warehouses at the moment in Europe and in Australia. For some of the products it is possible to select the warehouse used for delivery. This of course affects product price, delivery price and delivery time. In product card, and more specifically in its part “Availability”, you can see the closest warehouses to you (see picture 9). By selecting “Show all warehouses”, you can see the stock situation regarding the product in question in all warehouses where this product is stored (see picture 10).

Picture 9. Warehouse situation regarding this product in the closest warehouse

Picture 10. The situation in all warehouses regarding this product

How to select the warehouse you would like to use for shipment?

In the product card you choose the amount of products you would like to order and press “add to cart” (see picture 10). Then on shopping cart and from its part “Warehouse” you can select the warehouse from where you would like to ship this product. Note! If needed check the situation in all warehouses by pressing “Show Details” (see picture 11).

Please remember if there are items to be delivered from different warehouses in the same shopping cart/order, the system will automatically divide them into separate orders and shipments based on the item´s warehouse. Thus, you will get separate deliveries from each warehouse and you will have to do the payment separately for all products from different warehouses. More information about this in part: “How to find right payment to my order and to get a receipt”. In the beginning of Check out, the system will notify you about order being split to different warehouses (see picture 12).

Picture 11. The shopping cart

Picture 12. Order/delivery from several warehouses selected

When you are finished with shopping and continue to “Proceed to Checkout” in shopping cart, the third part is selecting the carrier you would like to use. The system will give you options for different carriers based on products selected in your order. The system also gives you the cost for this shipping and it is automatically added to your order. After confirming the order, Exel Composites will handle the payment and other issues with selected carrier (see picture 13). Note! If you get no carrier suggestions or an error message, please contact our customer service.

You can also select “Pick up” (pick up or you own carrier/handler) or “Tailored delivery” (customer service helps you to choose the forwarder or helps you to use your own carrier/- contract). With these two options the cost of delivery is not included to webstore provided payment/cost and the customer handles it directly with the carrier. 

Picture 13. Carrier selection

Exel Composites Store provides three methods to handle the payment; invoice (prepayment or with credit), different payment methods through Paytrail services (in Europe) and different payment methods through Paypal service (see picture 14). In addition, you can give us your reference to this order and this information will follow through all the steps regarding this order (see picture 14).

Picture 14. Payment method

Invoice payment option is only for customers that are already Exel Composites´ invoicing customers. The invoice payment can be a prepayment (delivery on payment) or with agreed payment terms. The invoice sent to customer serves as a bookkeeping receipt, too.

Paypal and Paytrail (Europe) payment services offer you several different payment methods. You can also get a receipt from Paypal and Paytrail services for your bookkeeping, so please remember to save or print it before you leave their service.

If it is absolutely impossible for you to pay with Paypal or Paytrail and you are not Exel Composites´ existing invoice customer, please contact our customer service so that we can find a solution that serves both parties (like prepayment with invoice).

Please remember that if there are items to be delivered from different warehouses in the same shopping cart/order, the system will automatically divide them into different orders and shipments based on the item’s warehouse. Thus, you will get separate deliveries from each warehouse and you will have to do the payment separately for all products from different warehouses. In this case you will do the other payments through your “My Account” button (up right side of Webstore). “My Account” is a very good tool in Exel Webstore and we highly recommend you to explore it.

Yes, there is. Exel Composites Store is a global webstore with multiple warehouses, at the moment available in Europe and in Australia. Not all products are shown in all of the webstores in Europe (EU/FI) or in Australia. So, if you are looking for a specific product it is advisable to have a search in both EU and in AU webstore.

To change webstore, you only need to click the corresponding webstore icon, in right upper corner (see picture 15). In addition, category “Segments” will help you to find where the product in question is manufactured, which again leads you to correct webstore and/or customer service. Orders can also be placed to different webstores (Exel webstore EU/FI or Exel webstore AU) or warehouses (Mäntyharju, Joensuu or Melbourne), but one customer registration/account is enough.

Picture 15. EN FI AU

Exel Composites Store is open for everyone. Ordering, delivering, RMA and all other communication between the customer and Exel Composites Store is done through account information/My Account page. So, it is highly recommended to register as soon as possible. After registration features like calculating the estimated delivery costs, how to contact us and suggest a new product, will become easier to you and will produce more accurate results in searches. See pictures 15 and 16.

Picture 16. My Account info